Hair Care Guide

  • Always use wide tip combs, start from the ends and build your way up , whilst holding the hair above to avoid applying pressure at the knots.
  • Avoid using products with high alcohol percentage/ harsh ingredients, as this can cause hair to become weaken and start shedding.
  • Shampoo and condition hair with moisturizing factors, lack of either or can cause hair to become dry and brittle, which will essentially cause hair to break off. Avoid using too much conditioner as this can cause knots to loosen and fall out.
  • Remove all glue residue from the lace before washing to avoid excessive shedding.
  • Avoid scratching your scalp through the lace wig, as this can loosen knots and instead lightly pat your head with your hand or remove your unit and treat your scalp with anti-itch products.
  • Avoid excessively combing/brushing/heat styling hair on a regular basis, consistent use will cause damage and shedding the hair.
  • Encourage air drying.
  • Avoid using hair accessories that will tug and break the hair, such as tight hair clips and elastic bands.
  • Before bed, wrap hair into sections and wrap neatly into a silk bonnet or scarf.
  • Cover hair with hair net or silk hair bag when not in use.
  • Care for the hair like you would care for your natural hair !

Customers are responsible for maintaining the after care of the hair once received, the Fulaní Factory is not responsible for inadequately looked after hair.

Customers are advised to seek professional assistance when dyeing hair, Fulaní Factory Is not liable for damages caused by bleaching, dyeing and heat damage.

With adequate care, like you would care for your own natural hair, hair should last 1-2 years. 

If unsure, drop us an email prior to purchase and we will assist where possible.