Fulaní Factory was founded by CEO Fadila Ayuba.

Fadila Ayuba a professional and qualified Hair and Media Makeup artist based in the United Kingdom. Her passion for the beauty industry developed from the early age of just 8 years old, where she had learned how to braid impressively from her Mother. Most of Fadila's skills were self taught whilst practicing on her dolls and friends in the playground. She then later studied and obtained qualifications for Hair and Media Makeup, as well as Lash Extensions. Specialising in volume/Russian lash styles and custom made wig units .

So you're probably wondering how the name came about? 

Well Fadila's original roots are from the Fulani tribe, located in Northern Nigeria. The Fulani people, also known as The Fula people are actually one of the largest tribes spread across West Africa. The Fulani people are well known for the their beauty, it was essential for Fadila to incorporate the love for her culture along with her own unique twist. Hence the slight adjustment in the pronunciation of the brand 'Fulaní' Factory.

The Fulaní Factory specialises in providing only the best hair and beauty services. Ranging from lash extensions, mink and silk strip lashes, raw 100% human wigs and soft glam makeovers.

What makes us different?​

Everything you want and need is in this one place!

No need to scout for different services providers, when everything you require to be your very best self is right here.

Our aim is to enhance the beauty you already have!